“Michelle was amazing! She worked closely with my fiance and me to create a ceremony that was just perfect for both of us. When a few spiritual issues arose during the planning, she was kind enough to meet with us personally and address our concerns with kindness, integrity and respect for both of our beliefs. I was so happy when going around and saying thank you to each table at the reception that everyone kept telling us how beautiful and “personal” the ceremony was. While a wedding reception tends to always be quite memorable, we were just so blessed that Michelle made the wedding ceremony itself memorable for everyone as well.” – Adrian Barton

“She gave the memorial a sense of dignity, structure and warmth without being intimidating or authoritarian in any way.” – Bill Storm

“Her words and delivery were comforting and unique, not a canned speech where merely the name was changed. Sincerity prevailed.”  – Jim Storm

“Michelle was a great Officiant. She was very flexible and open to our ideas but also gave us advice when needed. We had a multicultural and multi religious wedding and it was very important to us that the person who officiates our wedding is open, flexible and understanding. Michelle went out of her way to even learn a few phrases in Polish (my native language) so that my family members who don’t speak English were able to be engaged in the ceremony.  If you don’t have a pastor or priest to officiate your wedding, I would recommend Michelle as a very open, helpful and kind officiant who will make sure special requests and needs of your wedding are met!” – Koleta Charun

“I love Rev. Michelle Paz Soldan. She performed my daughter’s Quinceanera ceremony. The services were so beautifully done that I would definetely recommend her to my family as well as my friends for future events.” – Louisa Vasquez

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